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Okfuskee County
A limited number of 20-acre tracts available for as low as $39,995 ($1,999.75 per acre) with just $495 down and only $395 per month up to $49,995 ($2,499.75 per acre) with $495 down and $495 per month (financing amortized over 186-months including 9% interest).  The main difference in pricing is that all $49,995 tracts front on county roads, with $39,995 tracts fronting on a private dirt road and containing fewer trees.
What makes these tracts so special?
  • Each tract is situated on either a county road or a private dirt road and is accessible on a year-round basis. 
  • These tracts are located in the general path of expected growth (CLICK HERE for projected growth map).
  • Each tract has been surveyed and the map recorded in the county.  In addition, numbered stakes have been posted on each tract allowing for easy identification from the road (CLICK HERE for tract map sketch).
  • These beautiful wooded tracts (CLICK HERE for photos) located in exceptionally scenic rolling hills of Southeast Oklahoma (CLICK HERE for maps and directions)
  • The future value and beauty of the tracts are guarded by protective covenants. 
  • "Bad credit" doesn't matter being as credit isn't checked - very simply everyone is guaranteed financing.  So for only $495 down and just $395 per month or $495 per month you own a beautiful 20-acre tract!
    Purchase by phone in 5-minutes time (800) 421-7163, or email doug@cheaplandinamerica.com

To purchase a lot or lots at the above terms, call Doug Caffey at (714) 742-8374 or send email to doug@CheapLandinAmerica.com.