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Description:  Beautiful wooded tracts in the scenic rolling hills of Eastern Oklahoma.


Location:  Some tracts located in McIntosh County and others in Okfuskee County. Click maps below for details.

Location of McIntosh County

Location of Okfuskee County


Zoning: None, the property can be used for residential, agricultural or recreational purposes, as well as camping, hunting, hiking or to simply hold as an asset for the future.


Title Policies:

To review the title policy for McIntosh County (CLICK HERE) and for Okfuskee County (CLICK HERE).


Access All tracts have legal access and are either situated on county roads or private dirt roads (with recorded and insurable easements).

Road on McIntosh land.

Road on Okfuskee land.


Survey:  Every tract has been surveyed and the map recorded in the county.  In addition numbered stakes have been posted on each tract allowing for easy identification from the road.


Utilities:  Rural water, telephone and power lines are located in the general vicinity of each tract but it would be the buyer's sole obligation and financial responsibility to extend any such services.  The electrical power company for McIntosh County is Canadian Valley Power (405-382-3680) and for Okfuskee County it is East Central Electrical Cooperative (918-756-0833).


Protective Covenants:  In order to protect future values and the beauty of the land, the permanent residential usage of motor homes, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, homemade and/or converted buses, camping rigs, altered camping rigs, tents, shacks, and/or dilapidated buildings or structures is prohibited.  Furthermore, certain activities such as pig farms, commercial poultry operations, outdoor toilet facilities, industrial enterprises, and the accumulation of trash, garbage, junk and/or debris are prohibited. Residential usage of homes or modular homes that comply with applicable state and/or county building, health and safety codes are obviously allowable and permitted.


Minerals:  No mineral rights were owned and thus none are being transferred. There are some existing wells on a few tracts and compensation would be paid to the landowner for any new wells.


Cattle Grazing: Cattle are being grazed on some of the 20-acre tracts but a new owner can terminate that right immediately by simply fencing off his/her parcel. 


Property Taxes: Currently property taxes are approximately $30 annually for a 20-acre tract.


Required Improvement Obligations: Absolutely none! A buyer can acquire the property and do nothing forever!

Purchase by phone in 5-minutes time (800) 421-7163, or email doug@cheaplandinamerica.com